lloT connectivity in the last 100 meters

Over 90% of loT devices operate in the short range of 50-100 meters.

Yet, there hasn't been a solution that can simultaneously address the low cost, low power consumption, high capacity, low latency, reliability, and security required.

BeeFi focuses on addressing and solving these challenges through highly-integrated communication modules, low-power, cost-competitive devices and gateways, and innovative connectivity platform with valued-added data services.

lloT-optimized hardware

Our highly-integrated communication modules, low-power and low-cost sensors, and high networking capacity and location-tracking capable gateways are optimized for accelerated IoT solution development and deployment.

lloT-optimized protocol and platform

Our SensiBLE™ wireless networking framework easily connects thousands of devices in one low power, low latency, BLE5-compatible, star topology configuration, that can be scaled flexibly with additional gateways that support AwS loT, Azure loT and customized cloud connectivity.

Together with data service APls, SensiBLE™ greatly simplifies and shortens time-to-market for lloT applications.

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